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Age 13+

            The best way to have family bonding is to travel all together. Although these days, if you have a daughter or a son who is already age 13+, they might find these getaways a bit corny at their age. However, it is still best to instill in them the value of having quality time with the family.

            Most kids age 13+ already have their own set of friends and activities amd that is why they now have lesser time for their parents and siblings. Most kids age 13+ also have their own interests already, so the best way to plan the travel is to ask them what they want. Parents can ask their age 13+ children what places they would want to visit and what particular activities they want to do. This can make the planning stage easier. Next, if you have already set the date, the flight, the accommodations and other travel specifics, it is best to research on the city, state or country that you and your age 13+ kids have agreed on. Although they are not considered tots, there are specific areas in and around the place that you will visit that could be dangerous for them to go to, there might be certain prohibitions when it comes to age 13+ visitors. However, with some parks, clubs, and restaurants, they also have special guidelines or treats / sets of activities exclusive for those who are age 13+.

            As with younger children, there are age 13+ kids who might also have short attention span or patience especially during lengthy travel. So as parents, you should also be ready with these unexpected episodes. Keep your age 13+ kid busy by bringing along iPods, books, comics, magazines, board games, etc. Most age 13+ kids nowadays can’t live without their game console, so bring those portable ones with you.

Bear in mind that these age 13+ travelers are also prone to being nauseous or dizzy; prepare medicines suitable for their age as well. Make sure that you advise them that they should wear comfortable clothing during travel and also pack clothes that are appropriate for the country / city/ or the state’s climate. Although age 13+ kids already know how to ask or answer especially when they get lost, it is still advised that you give them instructions, contact numbers and pertinent details before you travel.

Age 13+ kids are easier to tug along, but it is still best to have everything planned and organized. Treat age 13+ kids with care but also give them a little space for their own interests.

Meet halfway, and you will be assured that your age 13+ kids will look forward to the next family adventure that you will be coordinating.


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