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Travel with kids

Travel with kid            For those who are organizing a family activity, traveling together is definitely one of the top choices. However, since the trip would certainly oblige you to travel with kid, then there are certain pointers that you must be aware of. To travel with kid entails a lot of  planning and organizing because, let’s all face it, kids need special treatment and there are certain policies regarding traveling with kids. If you have decided to travel with kid, then here are some pointers that you should take note of.

            Book your flight and accommodations ahead. There are some airlines that give specific guidelines to those who travel with kid. With the hotel, you can also ask your agent or the hotel reservations representative if there are special rates or discounts for those who travel with kid.

 Talk things over with your spouse and if you wish to travel with kid age 7 and above, you can already ask them their preference and places of interest. Once you all have decided on which place to visit, have a further research regarding the area. This is very important since you travel with kid. There might be places that kids are not allowed, or there might be some activities on your list that has policies regarding those less than 18 years of age, etc.

To travel with kid, bear in mind that they need extra care and attention especially when you are inside the bus, plane, ship, train or car. Bring things that will keep them away from being grumpy, cranky and impatient. In short, if you travel with kid, make sure that there are things to keep them busy. Bring toys, books, recreational materials according to their age that will make them busy. Those who travel with kid should remember to bring along snacks. Children get hungry easily.

Another pointer to keep in mind when you travel with kid is to bring necessary medicines such as pain relievers, antibiotics, anti-histamines, anti-diarrhea, mild laxatives, etc.  Bring along hand gels, alcohol or simply put, have a first aid kit handy. Remember to travel with kid, especially if they are aged 12 and below, parents need to take extra precautions.  As with the apparel, travel with kid in style, but also dress according to the weather. During the long trip, be sure to layer your kid’s clothing. This way, he or she feels more comfortable and protected.

Communicate with each other during your trip. This way you will know if you missed out on anything. If you travel with kid especially the younger ones, the experience would definitely be stressful. But, the joys, excitement and the memories when you travel with kid are certainly incomparable.

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