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What is there to do for a tourist in Chicago?

Chicago is a city with so much to do within that it can be a little overwhelming. With significantly more to do than can physically be done within a standard length vacation, there needs to be some planning done and a little investigation in order to make sure that you get the most out of your time in Chicago.

One of the ‘must-do’ activities for tourists visiting Chicago, especially for the first time, is to view the city from one of the observation decks high above street level. Probably the best place to do this would be at the world famous John Hancock Centre. This building is the 12th tallest building on the planet and boasts a truly spectacular observation deck. Not only that, but the John Hancock Centre includes a second tourist must see – the Signature room restaurant. The John Hancock Centre is a tourist destination in itself, with ice rinks, apartments and even its own post office! It is a must for first time visitors to Chicago.

For those that love to shop, Chicago is somewhere that you will want to come time and time again. Once you visit the cities ‘magnificent mile’ you will never look at shopping the same way again. Located along Michigan Ave, there is what can seem like a never ending stream of fantastic shop after shop. All round Chicago there are great shopping experiences to be had – you can find clothing from all of the fashion capitals on the planet – Milan, Paris etc all sitting happily together with the best of American clothing and goods.

No trip to Chicago would be complete without stopping by the Millennium Park. This huge park is a truly world class venue for art exhibitions and musical performances. The park boasts stunning landscape design and interesting architecture. It has won multiple awards and is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago.

Chicago is a great place for sports enthusiasts, with eight golf courses, there is more than enough choice for players of all levels. There are also numerous athletic tracks and places to run and cycle. In addition to this, there are 33 beaches that visitors should not miss – especially in the summer months. In the winter, it may be preferable to use the cities ice rinks, which help create a real festive feel in the centre of the city.

A hit with both adults and children alike is Lincoln Park Zoo, which is one of the few remaining free to enter zoos in the country. The zoo boasts a wide variety of animal enclosures over a vast park. It is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago and should not be missed by anyone.

With a little planning, it is possible to have the perfect trip in Chicago, with so much to do for all ages; it truly is a wonderful place to visit.

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That is very kind of you to write this share for us, thanks a lot. This information is useful to us.

Chicago is a great place for anything! It’s my motherland and I love this place, love this town!!

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