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New York

            New York is certainly one of the world’s key cities. It is located in the Mid-Atlantic section of America. New York, which is the center of finance, fashion, culture, trade and media in America, is subdivided into 5 boroughs. Inside each borough, there are specific neighborhoods. As they say, the place where you work, live and play inside New York speaks of what kind of New Yorker you are. The first is the New York County or the Manhattan area. The next one is the Kings County or Brooklyn. It is where Coney Island is located and it’s known for its music venues and wonderful beaches. Third, Queens County, New York, it is where America’s second biggest Chinatown is situated and home to the famous baseball team, New York Mets. Fourth, The Bronx, it is where the professional baseball team New York Yankees reside. And lastly, Staten Island or Richmond County, a large island located in New York Harbor.

Admission to 40 best attractions in NYC

            One of the most visited places in New York is the Empire State Building. It was designed by Gregory Johnson and stands at approximately 443 meters making the skyline of New York more distinguished. Another notable place often visited by over 40 million tourists who travel to New York yearly, is the World Trade Center site. Indeed the 911 terrorists attack didn’t stop people from taking pictures of this historic place.

            Times Square is also one of the popular tourist destinations in New York together with The Rockefeller Center which was awarded as a National Historic Landmark. Times Square on the other hand is well-know for its themed restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. It is also one of the highly commercialized areas in New York. For those who love history and culture, there are several museums that tourists can go to. There’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Cloister, Guggenheim and a branch of London’s famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum among others. Even if the state is highly modernized, there are numerous parks that vacationers can check out. One of which is Central Park whose land area measures approximately 850 acres. There’s also the Fort Tyron Park, Flushing Meadow Park and the Pelham Bay Park.

            It is best to plan your itinerary well or you might end up wasting your time “standing on line” to enter a particular tourist destination or being stuck in traffic. Besides, most attractions can be traveled by simply walking.

            Broadway in New York also boasts of being the venue for events, awards and performances. Other locations for those who love the arts and music could visit Carnegie Hall, Metropolitan Opera, etc.

            So what are you waiting for, log on the internet or call your travel agent now. There’s no wonder, “NYC” / the “Big Apple” or simply New York, is certainly a place worth visiting.



 Facts About New York

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