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New York (Facts About New York)

Wrap Your Mind Around Some Interesting Facts About New York



            Have you ever dreamed of going to the Big Apple? There is much to learn about the place apart from the nightlife and the fashion. There are a lot of interesting facts about New York that can make you gape in awe. The term Big Apple for instance has two historical reasons behind the name. There are some historians that agree that this term was coined from a sports writer who covered horse racing back in the 1920’s who implied that any thoroughbred which ran on the races in New York is able to reach its zenith in racing. The other story is derived from the musician’s slang term of Apple in the 1930’s. Back then, this meant a town or a city. And for them to play in the big city would mean playing in the Big Apple.


            The landmarks and historical sites in this place also have their own share of interesting facts about New York. The peaceful token of France stands tall in Liberty Island reminding each one of use its message. It is actually a symbol of hope and freedom. It is meant to encourage immigrants who seek for freedom and a better life in the land of the free – The United States of America. Canandaigua got its name from a Native American word which meant “the chosen spot”. The Buffalo creek and the city of Buffalo did not really get its name from an animal. It was drawn from the French term beau fleuve. This quite literally means, beautiful river. It was originally where Buffalo creek got its name and was later on adapted by the city. The Niagara Falls is another fun place to see. Did you know that it rakes in about six million people each year just to be able to appreciate its 167-foot high cliff’s splendor? Historically speaking, New York was once known as the capital of the United States of America. George Washington, the first president was inaugurated in downtown Manhattan.


            History is not the only ones which bear interesting facts about New York. There are also some places which hold fun details about the State. The Munchkins parade is held each year in Chittenango. This is also the hometown of the great author of the Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum. And because of its success, the place was turned in to a seemingly Oz-like wonderland. There are yellow brick sidewalks and other establishments which are inspired by the Wizard of Oz. 


            As a business move, John Hertz had all his cabs painted yellow as he found out in a study that it is a color which is easily seen; thus, the beginning of the signature New York Yellow Cabs. The New York Post is the oldest existing newspaper company in the entire United States. The city of New York holds a seven hundred and twenty-two mile subway track. These facts are only but a few. There are some which are all historically related while there are also others which moves around the more fun facts of the state. There is practically one point of interest in every single corner you turn on.   

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