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Hollywood            There is no doubt, Hollywood is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the United States of America. It is one of the posh residential and business district in Los Angeles City , California.

            To learn about Hollywood better, let’s first tackle a little of its history. It was established as a sovereign city in the year 1903. However in 1910, it was designated to merge with Los Angeles. During the same year, East Coast filmmakers slowly migrated to the West Coast, and one of the most noted was the relocation of D.W. Griffith’s Biograph Company. This was also the beginning of the motion picture industry in the Southern part of California. From 1910 until 1920’s movies became very popular, and since most of the filmmakers live and work in the area, Hollywood became synonymous to the movie industry. In fact, until now, Hollywood is known as the city of stars and the celebrities. However, in 1980’s the district lost its glamour and was identified as one of the worst place to live in, in the whole of Los Angeles. That served as a wake up call for the authorities. The district underwent a radical rehabilitation and redevelopment. And from that time on, Hollywood gained back its reputation.

            The three most famous tourist spot in the vicinity is Sunset Blvd., Melrose Avenue and of course Hollywood Boulevard.  Sunset Boulevard is a haven for the party-goers, clubs and discos sprawl within the area. For visitors who would want to view diverse culture and tradition, shopping and clubbing , Melrose Avenue is where they should be at. Hollywood Blvd. as the name implies, houses areas that will remind you of the districts rich history when it comes to entertainment.

            Those who are fond of science and intergalactic exhibits and displays, the Griffith Park Observatory is the place for you. There are 3 museums that you should also visit. The famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, Los Angeles Fire Department Hollywood Museum and the Hollywood Museum. A visit in this chic district would never be complete without having a glimpse or picture of the ever famous Hollywood sign and of course, who could forget the Walk of Fame. Another noteworthy place to visit is the world renowned Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the home of famous movie stars’ cement hand and footprints. It is also where Oscars was held in the past few years.

            Those who would want to watch the Academy Awards and other live performances, Kodak Theatre is the right place to be. Hollywood Forever Cemetery as well as the Hollywood Bowl are also a favorite among vacationers. Those who love to shop could visit Beverly Center, The Grove and Decades. Women who are fond of lingerie can shop at Frederick’s  of Hollywood, known superstars who donned apparels in this boutique are Mae West, Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo.

            So for those who would want to chance upon seeing today’s hottest stars, Hollywood is definitely the right destination. Stroll along Mulholand Drive in Hollywood Hills and you’ll definitely get to see resident celebrities.

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This is wonderful blog. I love it.

I understand just what your talking about, living in this day and age seems just different then it used to be . I reckon our grand parents didn’t really even think about this , modern technology helps change things for both the good and the bad. You know I look at things from a old perspective, but I remember back when times were different . Someones word was their bond rather then their signature , you could trust if your kids were outside by themselves they were safe , and goods were not as costly. I suppose costs are always going to go up , however I don’t understand why we can’t go back to the days when neighbors really cared about each other and actually knew what their neighbors names were . I guess that is history, but you know its a great day to be alive , so I suppose I otta just keep moving forward.

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