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The island of Oahu, the third largest island archipelago, is the gateway to the State of Hawaii because of the busy international airport of Honolulu. This corresponds to the name, meaning “meeting place”, as well as being the seat of eighty percent of the islands. Many of them reside in the capital in the south – east of the island. The island offers a combination of city pleasures virgin landscapes, night life with peaceful shores of hiking trails in the world’s best surfing. However, rather crowded tourist areas, and many tourists prefer to visit Oahu integrate with other islands.Honolulu (Honolulu), is the capital of the Hawaiian Islands, the political center, business and culture, including its largest city. Modern skyscrapers planted in a protected harbor with a beautiful, wonderful setting of mountains and cliffs. Diverse and cosmopolitan population, which supply the restaurants, shops and nightlife wide diversity in the country as a whole. There are quite a few interesting sites, if you can disengage for a moment of Waikiki beach scene to visit them.


Downtown Honolulu was the only official royal palace in the United States – Palace Aiolny (Iolani Palace), built in 1882. Guided tours of different length allow him a glimpse of the local royal family. Almost every Friday afternoon a free concert was held area of the Royal Orchestra of Hawaii. Opposite the entrance to the palace stands a bronze statue of King Camhamha first united the Hawaiian Islands under one rule. Every year on June 11 a national day of excellent memory of King, rejected completely covered with long chains of colorful flowers.

Every Friday, the same month was the first art event First Fridays downtown Honolulu, with more than twenty participating galleries throughout the city, preparing exhibits for free, wine tasting, concerts street performances.

Bishop Museum is specified in the civilized world can make the acquaintance of the Hawaiian Islands anthropological With fascinating views a wide collection of Polynesian displayed: weapons, royal feather cape, masks, artifacts, and a huge whale skeleton. The museum features a planetarium but also where you can watch traditional crafts in action, like weaving lei, strings of Hawaii’s famous flowers. Another museum worth visiting is located in the Honolulu Academy of Arts

Hawaiian capital also has a neighborhood in Chinatown its own History, which is a short leap to the other side of the world. The neighborhood’s population includes not only Chinese but also Thai, Philippines and more. You should walk around the crowded market (Mauna Kea Marketplace), a taste of Asian food restaurants food stalls, look in the factories that produce long rice noodles and visit art galleries and special shops.

Waikiki Beach south east of Downtown is the biggest attraction on the island for tourists, and perhaps most popular in Hawaii as a whole. Strip of white sand is a wonderful place to see and be seen. South surfers  slide on the ocean, on the north side variety of bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and shops to serve the endless parade of vacationers spend. Many restaurants offer Luau, local traditional meal. You can also learn here the famous hula dance, or take surfing lessons. Coast statue of Duke Kanemuko who considered the father of modern surfing sports. Duke was born in Oahu and spent his childhood in  Waikiki Beach, and has become the first Olympic competitor of the Hawaiian Islands in 1912 (like a swimmer). Aquarium Waakyaki is the oldest public aquariums in the United States, established in 1904. Aquarium is part of the University of Hawaii, and he displays more than -420 species of animals living in the waters of the Pacific coast of Hawaii, including Hawaii’s national fish,that has an impossible name Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

Another site that attracts many tourists, particularly Americans and Japanese, is a monument to the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. One important battle took place here during World War II, when on 7 December 1941 the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Attack killed 2,400 American soldiers, much of which was aboard the battleship Arizona. Following the attack the United States joined the war. Tours through the visitor center also include a documentary and they are open to the public free of charge.

Diamond Head is located near the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve. This is a beautiful circular bay resulting collapse crater, and is a great place to dive snorkels.

Route 61 goes from Honolulu to the north – east, to the Windward Beach.There are  wonderful landscapes of Koolau mountaines. Stop at the observation point Nuuanu Pali Lookout it’s breathtaking. Another wonderful view overlooking Makapuu Point. Frozen beautiful beach, and during low tide you can see the full length of small pools of tiny sea animals. At Windovard area you can visit the Park-Sea Life Park, a rather commercial container dolphins and other sea animals. Malacca State Park offers a nice beach right in front of a small island camping reserve used by birds. Ahupua `a O Kahana State Park has a beautiful green valley and the Gulf of forested, and archaeological remains, most of which are inaccessible to the public.

North Shore of Oahu is a paradise for experienced surfer. Before traveling to the North Shore Mwindovard road passes in Laie town, it was Polynesian Cultural Center, restores seven Polynesian cultures Islands Fiji New Zealand Samoa and Tonga. The park has the interesting name “hill of escape” (Pu `u O Mahuka Heiau) contains the remains of an ancient temple, a great observation on the north coast. Moreover, the central attraction is the waves, rising to heights impossible particularly alarming. Pipeline is the most famous surfing spot on the northern coast and world famous. Huge waves pipe height management, professional users or just crazy. The waves come in winter inWaimea of monstrous proportions more than ten meters. This beach was immortalized in the past series “Baywatch”. Surfing  is the winter season, between December February, then, there are local and international surfing competitions attract many competitors and spectators to the beautiful beaches. A large part of the surfers living in Haleiwa, a selection of hotels, restaurants, cafes, galleries, a surfing museum

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