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Big Island of Hawaii

Big Island of Hawaii

Name the island as a whole group of islands often referred to simply as “the Big Island.” And this is not an exaggeration: He covers 10 433 sq km, more than any other Hawaiian Islands combined. Only approximately -149 thousand inhabitants live in his field and most pristine wild area. You’ll find an orange lava hissing, snowy peaks, desert, ancient archaeological, peaceful sandy beaches, cliffs, rain forests and waterfalls. A great place for those interested in deepening their familiarity with the natural world of Hawaii. Big Island also has historical significance – here the first European missionaries arrived in Hawaii, King Camhamha born here, united the islands under his rule.

At Farmers’ market you can taste the colorful variety of tropical fruits and a variety of colors and shapes, to purchase handmade jewelry, souvenirs and art objects, and enjoy the beauty of noble orchids sold there. Best time to visit the market is Saturday or Wednesday morning.

Cultural Center of East Hawaii includes three galleries displaying works by local and foreign artists. The center is located in a historic building which was located in the past a police station, and the court of Milo. Smaller art galleries scattered throughout the city. Museum Lyman is located in the old mission built in 1839, with views about nature and culture in Hawaii. North of the tropical botanical garden in Hawaii with more than two thousand species of plants.

Hilo should continue to Reserve Akaka Falls State Park charming. Quarter-mile-long trail passes through rain forest to an observation post on the falls drop height of 135 meters.

Hilo is located thirty miles highlight of the visit Big Island – Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Seventy million years has been the park landscape and drifter stops changing. surface even Park towering active volcano in the world, Kilauea, and were still at the beginning of the eruption that began in 1983 (and is currently the longest recorded eruption in history). Road Crater Rim Drive through the edge of the crater, the desert tropical rain forest, and beside which stops walking tracks can go short. Park hiking trails are also lengthy, like the summit of Mauna Loa. Road Chain of Craters Road thirty miles out from Rim Drive passes Crater volcanic landscape until the road comes to an end following the lava flows formed in the region in 2003. Sometimes the park can be seen live and red lava, particularly at night – the park administration has to find out the current state of lava eruption. Listen to the provisions of park workers and do not attempt to enter the closed areas and dangerous.

North Coast Waipio Valley, “Valley of the Kings”is  impressive. Breathtaking scenery: steep cliffs covered in tropical vegetation and some beautiful waterfalls dropping many, just like paradise lost. North – east to find another valley, Pololo Mount Mauna rising  tall about 4,500 meters above sea level, and the huge telescopes stationed peak viewing the stars. The trip takes about an hour Hilo Mountain Road Saddle Road, designated off-road vehicles only.

The main resort island’s western shore is Cailoah Great – Buyer (Kailua-Kona). Beautiful white beaches, blue water perfectly, and a host of different levels resorts provide all that is needed relaxing vacation. You should still leave the beach for a few hours and go to the second National Park in Hawaii, National Park Apoauhunuah or Huanaonau Honaunau. This park is famous as the landscape and historical legacy. The half – a volcanic island are the ruins of temples, historic buildings restored wooden sculptures threatening forms.

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