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Territory: 1,477,268 square kilometers

Population: 610,000

Religion: Christians



Alaska is the biggest state in USA. The climate in the inner Alaska is more temperate than in the edges of the state and it’s known by his lack of stability and it’s not rare that in one day all of seasons intersect. The quantity of precipitations is relatively low  and the temperatures vary dramatically . There are a lot of amazing landscapes and parks where you can enjoy the nature. Alaska is full of wild animals such as bears, wolfs and also dolphins, whales, sea lions and more. In most areas of Alaska there is magical phenomenon of the summer midnight sun so you can enjoy the light almost 24 hours.


June to August they popular months to visit Alaska, because most travelers prefer to come when there is the most hot temperature.  Masses of visitors come to the most popular destinations, including a half Danel National Park – Island Kinney. Transition season – May and September – the cold is not too strong. Most Alaskan festivals and events take place in summer, at times when there is daylight 24 hours a day.


English is spoken in all parts of Alaska, but peppered with local words and phrases, which make it almost a language by itself.

Alaska’s Fish and seafood’s have a good reputation throughout the United States, but they will cost you dearly. Popular summer event is “baking salmon” : roast the fish in grille, drown it in homemade barbecue sauce, often served in the form “Eat as much as you can.” Alaska residents also take their coffee seriously, as evidenced by the large number of cafes; even very small towns, where you always will find an espresso machine. Also, the darkness that prevails here in winter associated with drinking large amounts of alcohol – mainly Canadian and American beer. Except for 70 towns of Alaska, which should not sell alcohol, there’s no place would be difficult to find a liquor store or open bar.


When it comes to celebrations, residents of Alaska become crazy especially during the summer. In most towns there are special events for the longest day of the year (June 21); festival Fairbanks is the most popular, and he takes advantage of the 23 hours of light a day to organize various events, including a midnight ball game without artificial lighting. Independence Day (July 4) is a favorite holiday – particularly notable celebrations in Ketchikan and Anchorage, including parades, softball tournaments and games, for dessert – an impressive fireworks shows. Golden Days Festival takes place in Fairbanks toward end of July to commemorate the discovery of gold in Alaska, including sport events and competitions and  guys that aren’t athletic have a fair opportunity to win in the most hairy legs competition, for example.


In Alaska there are a lot of ways to enjoy the nature. The most recommended tracks by foot are Chilkoot Trail near Skagway, gold seekers used it the end of the 19th century; Pinnell Mountain Trail near Hyder. Sailing kayaking along the coast (blue-water paddling) is a very common activity in the South – East and in South -  Center Alaska, but you can also enjoy it in Tracy Arm Fjord.

Alaska is the one of the  highest cost of living in U.S. There are two reasons for the high coasts: the cost of all long-distance transport – so, the high cost of a man power  in Alaska. To reduce costs,you have to visit outside the tourist season, or save the cost of labor – that is, to cook for yourself and to use public transportation. In general, costs in South – East Alaska lower than in most other parts of Alaska, because it’s a relatively short distance from Seattle. In addition,in large urban centers such as Anchorage and Fairbanks will be competitive prices.



Almost half of the Alaska’s residents live in Anchorage. It’s a prosperous city that evokes strong emotions among people. It’s nice city for a short visit.  

Many citizens say about her: “Anchorage is a beautiful city. She is only 20 minutes away from Alaska.” These people see it as the opposite of the spirit of Alaska because it filled with malls, suburbs and traffic jams. Anchorage is the main crossroad in Alaska so the international airport located here.

Anchorage Museum of History & Art is an impressive center for exhibitions, dedicated to local culture and history of Alaska. There’s also a gallery with works by artists from Alaska, the United States and around the world. Tribal art works are displayed in Heritage Library Museum, including impressive collections of tools and weapons and folk costumes.


Anchorage also has few recommended parks. On the western side of the city there is an Earthquake Park with an interesting view dedicated to the great earthquake that occurred in 1964 and caused to -520 acres of land to surf 600 meters towards the sea. The main attraction park, when it’s not overrun with tourists who come to organized tours, there is a wonderful panoramic view – the horizon line against the Chugach Mountains.


Usually there is no problem at all finding a place to sleep in Anchorage. In downtown there are a lot of cheap motels and it’s easy to find areas with worm and pleasant bed and breakfast. Downtown also has a great variety of cafes and restaurants, pubs and bars. Even though there is an airport in Anchorage it’s cheaper to get to different destination in Alaska by train or by bus.





Kenai Peninsula.


Kenai Peninsula is south to Anchorage and it’s the most desired vacation area in the country. There is a combination of mountains, , ice feilds and icebergs, including a variety of routes for a walk, plenty of camping sites and beautiful sailing-lanes. Kenai Fjords National Park whose area is 2.348,000 acres, filled with marine-animals and glaciers and there is a Harding Ice field 80 km long 48 km wide. Many communities here are charming: Homer is a colorful fishing village, gathered artists that were fascinated by the beauty of the area and settled here, and there are galleries which are displayed mostly works by local artists. The cheapest way to travel here is camping, but you can also find inexpensive accommodations in Homer, Seward or Soldotna.


 Denali National Park is the most important park in Alaska and it’s spread for 24 million acres. Here you have an opportunity to watch a Mckinley mountain, it’s height 6096 m’ – wonderfull view. At summer almost a mllion visitors come here, so you’d better come in the biggining of June or in the end of September. The most enjoyable way to come to this park is by Alaska Railroad.


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Alaska, what an amazing land, I’d Like to live here

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