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Here is the list of places that Washington citizens recommend to visit.


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The museum tells the history of the flight from the first airplanes till manned flight to the space. Here you’ll find answers to the questions like how GPS works, how old is the universe and many others. You will see here an exhibit of different aviation tools including historical importance items like the airplane of brothers Wright.

You can also enjoy here IMAX cinema and Planetarium and you will learn a lot about secrets of universe through movies.

Free Gallery of Art

Free gallery and Sackler gallery are part of Smithsonian Institute. Here you can see an exhibit of more of 30000 items of Asian and American art. Charles Lang Freer had collect Asian art all his life and here everybody can see his huge collection.that containes paintings, sculptures and ceramic works. There is also an impressive collection of an American artist James McNeill Whistler. The museum organizes different events – concerts, book signing, film screening and more and the best part is that almost all events are free.


Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

 The place established in 1930 and it has reconstructed swamp into it you can see plants and animals in their natural environment. The gardens are devoted to conservation and presentation of water plants, frogs, butterflies, turtles and other animals.

CityZen restaurant

 The CityZen Restaurant deserves appreciations because it won American exlusive award in 2005. Eric Ziebold the chef demonstrates his culinary genius in every portion. The restaurant was designed by tony Chi, one of the most popula designers in the world. The atmosphere is elegant, romantic and fashionable and people fit themselves to it. You can also come and sit on the bar and drink one of the wonderfuls martinis they serve.

Eastern Market

 The market has 2 parts close and open. It works particularly as a colorful farmer market and there are also stands with hand works and house wares. In the closed area there are galleries with local art like sculptures, paintings and more. Here take place art and hand making workshops so you can enjoy the colors, smells and people.

William F. Hale Books

At the moment you enter the Wiliam F. Hale Books you understand that it’s not a typical book store. You can find here shelfs with all kind of books. The owner of the store doesn’t take care about the comfort of the costumers, it’s al about the books. You can spend here easily a few hours. There is no devision to categories so you have to search by yourself after the book you want. In this store you can purchase very rare and expensive books, some of them it’s impossible to find in another place.

Capitol City Brewing Company

This is the best place in Washington to drink beer. It’s a bar restaurant that attracts beer lovers of all ages. This is not a typical bar- the lights aren’t dim, the music is not loud and it closes at midnight. During the day families come to eat and the food is good and it doesn’t expensive at all.  Here you cant taste and compare beers and get drunk of course…

Bohemian Caverns

Bohemian Caverns is a modern version of a legendary  jazz club of Washington. The first floor is an elegant restaurant that designed in a 20′s style like other parts of a club. At the second floor you can enjoy the performances of local artists, but the place still attracts big names from time to time. At the 3rd floor there is a completely modern club and here take place all kinds of shows and performances

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