Planning Cheap Vacation

The Most Practical Way to Go on a Vacation


When life is getting too stressful, it is just logical that you sit back and start planning about taking some days off and having some fun with the family.  Your body can just take as much and there will always come a time when you would have to “recharge” and regain your energy.  However, in this time of economic crisis, it’s quite hard to plan for a trip that will not cause you more stress thinking of how you can make ends meet especially if you have kids in the equation. Well, if this is your case, you should plan a family cheap vacation instead.

What’s a family cheap vacation?

A family cheap vacation isn’t less than any of your usual vacation.  The only difference with a family cheap vacation is instead of just going anywhere you like and spending just as you want, you will have to devise a strategy on how could have as much fun with much less need to spend.  Here are some tips for you to have a family cheap vacation:

  • Consider camping — This may sound a little old fashioned but the thrill of camping never grows old especially with kids around.  Pitch a tent instead of paying for an expensive hotel room and see how it really is like to have fun despite going on a family cheap vacation.

  • Pick spots within driving distance – If you really want to go on a family cheap vacation, the cheapest transportation mode you can take is your own car.  Pick a spot that is within your driving range instead of booking for a flight or taking a cruise. Spending for these can’t be called a family cheap vacation at all. Aside from saving money when you bring your own car, you can also enjoy the pleasure of driving around with your family and knowing more about some places up close and personal.  Drop by a couple of restaurants or cafes along the road and rate their best-sellers.  Who said a family cheap vacation is less fun?

  • Travel after peak season – Traveling during the off-peak season is definitely one great way of spending a family cheap vacation.  Most airlines and spots offer discounts to tourists during this time. They even include other bonuses like free use of amenities which are normally charged during the busier months.  Traveling after peak season isn’t only for those who would like to spend a family cheap vacation, it is actually a good for those people who really want to have a restful vacation.  When the spots you are visiting have less people, and the hotel you are staying at is quieter, you’d get a greater chance to really just chill and enjoy some quiet time.  This is definitely getting the most out of your family cheap vacation.

  • Visit non-popular destinations – Visiting a spot that is not so popular on a family cheap vacation isn’t a bad idea at all. There are lots of great places out there that are only waiting to be discovered.  Be there first!

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