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Vacation Club

You may have heard that your boss or your friend has invested on a vacation club.  It sounds nice, but what exactly is a vacation club?  A vacation club is actually a term used to describe different types of timesharing.  It usually involves use or access to more than one resort location and other travel and vacation services.  A time-share is a plan in which an individual shares ownership or costs of rental of a vacation home, entitling each individual to use the residence at a specified time every tear.

If you are a member of a vacation club, you get to travel not only around the country but outside too.  Every vacation club here in the US has properties and affiliations with other spots abroad which means you have the option to go out of the country and enjoy your vacation in a different and far places.

There are quite a number of benefits one can get from investing on a vacation club. Here are some of them:

  • Encourages regular vacations – Since you have paid membership on a vacation club, you have the right to stay in your condo, villa, or a resort suite at a specific time each year.  This ensures you of a regular time-off from the hustle and bustle of work.


  • Allows you to pay for future accommodation at today’s prices – Joining a vacation club allows you to spend for your future vacation expenses at today’s rate.  You will not have to worry about inflation and how it will affect the prices of commodities by the time you get the chance to go on a vacation.


  • ·  Gives you the option to rent your time-share – If you do not want to make use of your vacation club  privileges during a certain time because you wish to go somewhere else or you are too busy to enjoy your being a vacation club member, you may opt to have your time-share rented by someone else!


  • ·  Gives you great vacation flexibility including worldwide exchanges – Your vacation club time-share may be exchanged with other timeshares all over the world as long as it is affiliated with your vacation club.  You just have to place your timeshare into the exchange company’s pool of resorts which in turn gives you the list of available resorts and schedules.  Your vacation club may charge an exchange fee for this excluding your annual vacation club membership fee.

Being a vacation club member can be very prestigious especially here in the United States where the biggest travel companies and land developers are.  A lot of these clubs offer you expert guidance into having a great and luxurious vacation you could ever wish for.   They cover information on airlines, hotels, cruises, travel visas, and all the other travel needs imaginable.


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